Dining Disasters

Now that we’ve got the Frazzled Chef and the Maestra Maldestra here at Not Just Another “Dolce Vita”, I thought it was time to introduce a graphic that captures my love of dining out in Italy. This little beauty will adorn my food posts from now on. (Except the ones related to cooking, as they’re still the Frazzled Chef’s territory).

(Artwork by the incredible Brittany LeClerc)

Yes, it depicts the perils of an overenthusiastic “cin cin!

No, this has not happened to me. (Yet).

Although, come to think of it, I’m really no stranger to dinner disasters in Italy. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Once, while telling a story to some friends in a very animated style, one of my wildly gesticulating hands connected with a wineglass and sent it flying. It subsequently made a very rough landing on the cobblestones and I spent the next five minutes apologizing to everyone around me and helping to pick up the pieces and mop up the mess. Luckily, it hadn’t been my glass that I’d hit, so afterwards, I sat back down, took a gulp of Prosecco and continued my story…

Meet The “Maestra Maldestra!”

  The Frazzled Chef was getting lonely. Her kitchen escapades keep her busy, certamente, but she was looking for a bit of company here at Not Just Another “Dolce Vita”.

My solution? (Along with the help of the incredibly talented Brittany LeClerc!)
Meet the Maestra Maldestra, Not Just Another “Dolce Vita’s” klutz of a teacher! The language lover that she is, she’ll be the one responsible for the Word of the Day section. If you have any suggestions for upcoming Word of the Day posts, non esitate (don’t hesitate) to leave a comment!

La Maestra Maldestra

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